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Monday, January 9, 2012

Collection of Diving Videos

Nice Diving Videos
(would be added continuously)

2 Feb 2012, Walking Frog Fish with her child, then the mother eats a sea maggot.
You REALLY Got so see this !!

3 Feb 2012, Diving with Anaconda, Brazil, by Daniel De Granville

Bali Diving videos, Bali dive spot highlights.
Contains dive spot such as Tulamben wreck, Candi Dasa (Gili Mimpang, Tepekong), Padang Bai, Nusa Penida, etc.
Varieties of fantastic and rare creatures !

An Old Woman learn Scuba Diving at 80 years old !!
never to old to dive   :D.

For years, Marge Frisch would hear the wonderful stories and see the beautiful photos about Grand Cayman from her daughter Linda Martin. Marge had always wanted to visit such a magical place, but her husband's health challenges kept her from venturing very far from her Sun City Center, Florida home. This week for the 1st time, Marge had the opportunity to visit Grand Cayman and took full advantage of the chance. Like many people, her ultimate goal has been to go scuba diving and experience the underwater world that blesses these islands. The only difference with Marge is that she is 81 years old.

Marge keeps an active lifestyle in Sun City Center including swimming in the pool, walking and aerobics but they don't quite offer scuba diving as an activity. So, Marge began learning about diving and got comfortable with dive equipment in her daughter's pool in Tampa. Ready to take on the challenge, Marge teamed up with Mark Sahagian, owner of Absolute Divers and successfully completed her 1st dive this past Sunday at beautiful Stingray City. "What an experience of a lifetime!" chirped Marge after boarding the dive boat. "The coral reef and tropical fish were amazing. Having all the Stingrays swim up, around, under and over you is incredible. I can't believe I actually did it but I am so glad I did." said Marge.

"At age 81, Marge is the oldest diving student I've ever had the pleasure of working with. But let me tell you, she certainly doesn't act her age." stated her dive master Mark. "Once we got her ears cleared she was like a fish in the water, immediately taking to the Stingrays and checking out the tropical fish and coral reefs."

Topside, Marge had a busy week meeting several friendly Caymanians, enjoying home cooked BBQ, dining at The Cracked Conch and Paradise Grill and daily swims in the pool. It's safe to say that Marge will have some great stories to tell her friends, family, grand children and great grand children. You can be sure that she will become a repeat visitor to Grand Cayman. As the saying goes, you're as young as you feel!


Panic Divers ! Good reason to get Rescue Certification...

Advance Scuba diving demo :
Neutral Buoyancy, Including helicopter turn, mounting-demounting side tank, regulator swap, SMB deployment, etc.

Toroidal Vortices... can you make your own ? :)
Dolphins, beluga whales, humpback whales, volcanoes, hydrogen bombs.... and you !

11 Sept 2012, Dive with Sharks at Fiji

Its basically diving and feeding sharks ! So it is not that we should avoid shark during dives right ? :).

24 Sept 2012, Macro videos, HD quality, stunning shooting techniques and moments. (sorry only support youtube for online movie).


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