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Friday, August 24, 2012

Diving Shop in Hong Kong (Toko Alat Diving di Hong Kong)

This article would be written in English since I think it would be beneficial for all reader should they would like to read review of where to buy diving equipment and accessories in HongKong...

Ok first off All the list of Diving Shop in HongKong, these information is gathered from internet (website, discussion forum, etc) and by asking from lokal divers in HongKong.

1. Diving Adventure.
Address : 2/F Island Building, 439 - 445 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay (Beside Fire Station)
MTR Station : Causeway Bay (Exit B) then go west (towards Wanchai MTR, along Hennessy road. Just before Fire Station look to your right for diving sign.
Website :
Tel : +852 2572 2138

2. Pro Dive.
Address : 127-131 Lockhart Road, 2/fl Wanchai, Hong Kong
MTR Station : Wanchai, look for exit on Lockhart Road (I believe it is C exit), then just cross the road you'll see the dive shop.
Website :
Tel : +852-2890 4889

3. Diving Express.

Address : Room D, 1st Floor, Hanyee Building, 19-21 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,
MTR Station : Tsim Sha Tsue Exit A1 (beside the big mosque) then go west along Haipong road, first intersection is Lock Road then 2nd intersection would be Hankow Road. Just go to Lock Road to the South (you will see Ocean Sky Diver dive shop on your right, but keep going...) when you see Ichang Street on your right then go there, Diving Express should be just there on Ichang Street even though the address said Hankow Road.
Website :
Tel : +852-2890 4889

These three shops are, should I say the "biggest" dive shops in Hong Kong...
If you look for dive essentials, perhaps promotional or sale item that are not listed or promoted in the internet then these shops would be your best bet. You have to come there and dig in to find the items with 'sale' tag :).
They have tons of fins, boots, mask, wet suit, rash guard, and other essentials.

Then some other dive shop that might be worth visiting if you had time :

4.  LS Pro Limited 
Address : G / F, 17 Chi Wo Street, Jordan Kowloon 
MTR Station : Jordan, Exit B2, then go east along Jordan road until you find Chi Wo Street on your left, go there, after the first intersection you'll see LS Pro on your left.
Website : -
Tel : +852-2770 556

This shop is run by a female instructor who really knows what she sell. She spokes technical and also give a good discount, especially if you come often.

Just north to this shop you'll find Pacific Ocean Sports Center, G / F, 13 Chi Wo Street Jordan+(852) 27719195/6, I would not recommend this shop since this is more a sport shop (hence the name is) rather than a dive shop. It would be ok for swimmer, snorkeler or beginner diving if you look for essentials should I say... (

5. Ocean Sky Diver

Address : 1/F 19 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong 
MTR Station : Tsim Sha Tsui Exit A1 Go West, cross the street and go left (south) on the 1st intersection that is Lock Road. Go south and look on your right for Ocean Sky Diver.
Go up stairs, they open at 12 (not 11 am !! :)), once you at the end of the stairs, on the 1st floor to your left is a sport shop, to your right is Ocean Sky Diver that you looking for.
Website :
Tel : +852 23663738

Convenient, well organized dive shop, but offer no discount, even after I tell them I had instructor license.
The price are not cheap too, standard should I say (if you think they had given all discount in their price list).

6. International (Elite) Diving Training Centre

Address : G/F, Fulland Court, 256 Fa Yuen Street, Kowloon.
MTR Station : Prince Edwards Exit A.
If you use MTR, I suggest not to go there at noon, it would be no shade after you exit the MTR station :).
After you exit MTR, go right along Playing Fields Road (East), count 3 intersection, 1st one Sai Yeung Choi street, 2nd one Tung Choi Street and then you'll find Fa Yuen Street, go left (North) you should see a lot of automobile shops a long the way, to your right you'll find International (Elite) Diving Training Centre.
Website :
Tel : +852 23812789

They sell basically USA made brand, Zeagle, Oceanic, Aeris, you might wonder where is the Hollis brand ?Yes, they separate their market segment to the Mandarin Divers (no 7 below) and let them distribute Hollis.

7. Mandarin Divers
Address : 3/F, Unit 305, Technology Plaza, 651 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
MTR Station : Quarry Bay, exit C, I did not have a chance to go there (the eastern most dive shop in Hong Kong island :)) so I could not really tell you the way... just use google map if you like to go there. But this is one of the recommended dive shop for Tech Gears.
Tel :  +852 2554 7110

8. Bunn's Diver
Address : M/F 188 Johnston Rd, Chuen Fung Hse, Wanchai
MTR Station : Wanchai, Exit A3, you should cross the Johnston road to find this shop on the 1st floor.
Tel :  +852 3422 3322

There are some other dive shops that are not there (you'll find the address if you search on internet but the shops are not exist or they are not selling dive equipment anymore).
Ming's Sport on Hankow Road Tsim Sha Tsui, they are located near Diving Express and Ocean Sky Diver. They quit selling dive gears, now they only sell sport equipment, golf mostly.
French Divers, On Asia house building, 1 Hennessy road in the middle between Wanchai and Admiralty MTR. Closed, replaced by other business.
* Xpro Asia Ltd, On Harvard Commercial Building, Thomson Road, Wanchai, the building is under renovation and no sign of new address for this shop.

There are other shops that are on my list but I did not have chance to visit :
Froggy Dive Co, on 2/F 63 Granville Road , Tsimshatsui, Kowloon (opposite of Ramada Hotel, near Chatham Road) TST MTR Station exit B1. They are close on Sunday... alas :). +852 3173 2665
Paradive, Flat G, 1/F, Cheong Ming Bldg, 86 Argyle St, Mongkok Kowloon, I was too interested with the street market rather than finding this shop quite frankly :)).

If I could advise your schedule, you could go to all of the dive shops listed above. Off course this is possible if you are quite a speed shopper, willing to walk fast and spend extra money for MTR and other transport method, also to buy drink a long your way :)...

I would suggest this order :
1st Day : Cause Way Bay, Go to Dive Adventure (1), then MTR or walk to Wanchai along Hennessy road then turn to Lockhart road for Pro Dive (2) then if you still have time go to Bunn's Diver (8) on Johnston road.
Btw, Lockhart Road is an interesting road especially after 3 pm, this is a bar and night entertainment road. So expect to see girls wearing sexy clothes and make ups a long the way ;).
Still have time ? go to Mandarin Divers (7) at Quarry Bay MTR.

2nd Day : Tsim Tsa Tsui, Go to Diving Express (3) on Hankow / Ichang road, then Ocean Sky Diver (5) (for Photography enthusiast), then go to Jordan MTR for LS Pro ltd (4), then hop on again on MTR to Prince Edwards for Elite Diving Training Centre (6) on Fa Yuen Street.

Now this is the information that you will love to read,
my comments on those dive shop, what they sell, pricing, discount, service, etc.

first off all, if you do not have time, do not know what you are looking for and only have little or rough information about price, just go to Dive Adventure on Causeway Bay.
They have a lot of sale items, the shopkeeper speaks English very well, and the price discount is GOOOODDD.... 15-20% is normal and they did not 'cheat' on original price. Price are printed on every item or just ask the shopkeeper if you could not find the price tag.

I personally prefer shop that is run by a 'technical minded' instructor or owner, not a 'merchant' type if you know what I mean...
It is always good to have people answering your technical question and proposing stuff at your need rather than accepting explanation of what the merchant wants you to buy for their own interest (ie : profit, bonuses, old stock etc).

Dive Adventure has a lot of sale items, and is one of the shop that is "technical" in my opinion but... you need to find the correct person to ask.
Try to fin a middle age woman, short hair, looks veteran in diving, her name is... uuhhh... Ivone or Eve, sorry could not remember exactly, she is the owner wife.
She really knows what she sell, decisive (off course) in giving discount and other facilities, on top of that Dive Adventure has a clear pricing policy and system, so they are in modern shop category... not the ask and bargain type shop...

Pro Dive is 2nd ant Diving Express is 3rd in my opinion, but they all have different sale items so they all worth a visit...

In Pro Dive, try to find (again) middle age woman, cheerful and speaks English well. She is patient, fast and good in explaining.
The 'big guy' and other girl at the counter is to my experience not quite friendly they are not easy to talk and seems to be bothered by a lot of customer. Only pays attention to the 'westerner' customer or who's paying at the counter :).

Diving Express is more and close to a merchant type seller, if you are good at bargaining and know pricing very well, then go here. Otherwise some items I think is overpriced before they give 20% disc.

For technical, go to Mandarin Divers at Quarry Bay, for photo specialist perhaps you can go to Ocean Sky Divers, but most of the dive shops would be able to sell you UW photo equipment, they might not have stock on hand but if they can give you good price, why not make appointment and come again to pick up your order.

At Bunn's Diverspoke to the technician guy, the manager is merchant type seller, the technician (he is an instructor) is friendly to ask and speak with.

At International (Elite) Dive Training Centre, speak to Mo Mey Ling, the Instructor lady, she might not looks like an instructor :), but she is friendly and very helpful.

that is all... please feel free to add your comment and also make note to my writing should I did not describe it correctly and help everybody to find good diving shop in Hong Kong.

cheers matey !!

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