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Friday, May 2, 2014

Torid Pulse toy !.... Vortex Ring maker :D...

Remember those 'ring' you see in magazine that makes u go: 'wow... I wanna make them too....' ; 'super cool...' :D.
This the ring I meant :

And here is a Dolphin making vortex ring :.... :D

And don't worry, we can make that too... :D....

It will looks good on you to photograph yourself with a vortex ring :D.

How to create it ?
Vortex Ring / Toroidal Vortex from Wikipedia.
A guide to make Vortex Ring Under Water.
Another guide to make Vortex Ring Under Water.

Tired of trying to create vortex ring ?
We are in the 21st century, nothing is without tool isn't ?
So here is the tool called Torid Pulse from H2Odyssey....
Check out the video below...

You can play around with your friend, calling a friend (replacing tank banger :D), or just having fun and create nice picture picture with the pulse....

Nice toy isn't ? :D.
Could it become a new standard for buddy search, especially in low visibility ?
Shoot to all direction then wait 1 minute then shoot again to all direction ? hehehehehehe....


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