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Monday, August 6, 2012

Trip Report : Pasir Putih, 4 Agustus 2012

Back to PP again, after all Pasir Putih and its tourism environment has been improving over time...
The weather is fine, super fine for PP standard should I say... 2nd or 3rd time in a row during 2 months span.. looks like its a good time for diving @ PP this time around...

My partner is a proud Estonian, Silver that what he wanted to be called... :).
we arrived @ PP around 7:15 am, the traffic is quite heavy, I guess all trucking company is trying to finish their job before Idul Fitri. I was predicting we could arrived around 6:30, so it was 45minutes delay because of the traffic.

1st dive around 8am, we dove at Karang Mayit.
The visibility is 10-15m, no current, everything is great.
found a lot of Nudi branches, but since I did not bring my camera for the first dive, I could only only give report on writings :).
Tiger puffer fish, lion fishes also could be found here.

The site is decorated with fish nets, rods etc... apparent fishing activities has been occurred over the years...

2nd dive we goes back to the "ProDive" spot that I also dove 2 weeks a go.
Again the schooling yellow fin is there, big tiger puffer fish, another small yellow box puffer fish at the end of the dive, some nudi branches are present during our dive.

Here are the photos :
Big Nudi Branch (Phyllidia elegans), about 15cm lay still @ 20m

Silver with soft coral...

The schooling yellow fin fish...

Nice and dense isn't ?

Sunken anchor... this is one of the reason why a lot of
coral is destroyed around Pasir Putih.
Beautiful lion fish, expanding its wings

Small scorpion fish, about 7-10cm, hiding in the crevasse.

We have the opportunity to buy fish from the local fisherman that just arrived from the sea. I think this would be the best way to make the local aware for divers present... They were happy because their fish could be sold a little bit higher and they do not have to go to the market or sell them to any middle man which would definitely lower the price. And we are happy because we got a good and fresh product compared if we bought it in the market....
Really a good win win relationship...
We just need to have some ice (ask from the local warong / restaurant) to bring the fresh fish back home. If we use box for our dive gear it is also convenient to put the fish after wrap it with plastic bag inside the box.

We eat fresh kerapu (grouper) fish at local warong.
Silver is having a bottle of beer to highlight his beautifull day, it would be perfect if he could have a cold one he said... :).
I guess we could make exemption for the usual rule for not having alcohol during or before dive hahaha... he is an Estonian, (close to Finland and German, what should we say ? Beer is like water for them...).
And I specially ask if that one bottle of 'Bintang' Beer affected the dive after all, apparently not at all :).

3rd DivePyramid point... the best place to expect for surprise in Pasir Putih :).

And yess, we found some nice surprises :).
just check out the photos....

Razor fish, old inhabitants of Pyramid point...

The couple which always highlight Pyramid point.

Silver exploring the Pyramid...

Flew over the pyramid....

Sunken TPS buoy... :).... this was happened during the storm around May - June 2012

Good news for divers, we would found some Barracuda in a month time, these are the young's...
I could spot at least 10 of them wandering around the pyramid.

Small but beautiful black lion fish...  pity she kinds of hiding and not fully exposing her self.

And the big surprise is this jelly fish, small one, perhaps just 30cm in diameter, carrying quite a number of small fishes
just flew around and give us the opportunity to capture its beauty... :).

See the small fishes ?

In colour...

Silver and his cristal ball...

That's is all... hope to see you all again in the next trip !
till then... take care and dive safely...

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