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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trip Report : Pasir Putih, 21 July 2012

Another Pasir Putih trip... but since I dove alone, only 2 dives and straight back to Surabaya,
I could reach 2hours each dive and take a lot photograph that each dive drain my camera battery !
Usually one battery could last for 2-3 dives....

Dive 1 : di Takad gak punya nama hahaha... ada yang bilang Takad Mas, ada yang bilang takad depan 'ProDive'. Karena memang lokasinya dekat dengan bekas dive center Pro Dive di Pasir Putih.
This could simply a beach entry dive, just 100-150m away from the beach and quite the same distance from the shore as Pyramid dive point.

At 7 am sharp, I started the 1st dive, the visibility is very good (for Pasir Putih standard), the sites is still healthy compared to other PP dive sites, not much big fish, kerapu (grouper) is always present everywhere during the dive and also some number of nudi branches...

these are the photos... and noted that the photos were taken with 2 strobes, Inon Z-240 type 4 (left) and YS-02 (right) both with manual power setting.
I had to admit that the photo quality especially lighting quality is better compared with only 1 strobe, if you check out my other writing in lets say more than 2 months ago then you will be able to fell the difference as well.

Bokehhhhh.... :D....
Saya rasa ini adalah Phyllidiella pustulosa (Cuvier, 1804), masih bayi....

Just like the color and clarity even tough this is a 'common'
species @ pasir putih. Phyllidia elegans.

The barrel sponge looks similar to a bucket of flower :D.
Feel the result of using 2 strobes... the object would feel more 'round' has 'depth'.

Another species of Phyllidia elegans, this one with pink tint and black antena.

Papillate Flatworm, Aacanthozoon sp

This transparent tunicate coral under the flawed brain coral looks like something under an umbrella :D.

The visibility was ok for Pasir Putih standard, I could take this yellow fin
schooling fish photo as if it was taken @ Menjangan :)

and again... this could become habbit, early morning dive like this always include high risk of stomach ace aka morning nature call... So I did again poo for 15 minutes with the boat floating near me hahaha...
You will need to constantly 'move' to make your self away from your own dungs hahaha.... and always watch where the current flow, you want your self 'up current' or 'in contraflow' hahaha...
Thats the 'dung in the ocean 101' lesson from me....

2nd dive at piramyd, but this time I go further east near the 'dermaga' dive spot.
I know next time I could just pedaling to the dermaga spot... its not that hard and 'within fining distance' from the shore...

What might be interesting is that I found the same nudi as the previous dive at pasir putih was now laying eggs, one of them might be matting with another small one (I did not find the smaller one on the previous dove).

I thought this is just one nuddy curling it self around.
But watch carefully...

There are two of them ! Is this the way they are matting ?
Cjelidonura amoena (Bergh 1905).

Its two nudi, I did not see the smaller one from the previous dive....

I think this one is laying its eggs....
Cjelidonura amoena (Bergh 1905).

The same nudi, photographed form different angle....
Cjelidonura amoena (Bergh 1905).

very small one, just 3cm in length and about half a centimeter wide body width.

Phyllidia elegans.

The beauty of taking picture with two strobes..... Phyllidia elegans

Shy puffer fish in a small groto.... the visibility @ 10am is still ok at pyramid dive spot.

Close up of the Puffer Fish :D.

 End of note... :D. see you next trip...

PS : I celebrated this posting as the 100th post in my blog :), 4 posts are still in 'draft' if you care to count all my post hahaha....


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  2. Ok Chard,

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