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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dive Equipment Review : New Fin 2013, Aquabionic Warp1 Fin by Cetatek

New Fin that is quite astonishing in look is Aquabionic Warp1 Fin by Cetatek.
This Fin is already available in Indonesia via Aquatic Dynamic store at Grogol, west Jakarta :
Aquatic Dynamic Store
Jl. Makaliwe Raya no 44 A
Grogol, West Jakarta 11450
+62-21-560 5091, 9265 6446

Official website of Cetatek :

WARP is an abbreviation of Water Adapting Responsive Propulsion, tried to use multi dimensional blade that is adaptive to the strength and kicking style of a diver...
This is in my opinion categorized into "efficient kick" fin, less energy, less fatigue to create the same thrust power. It is a split paddle fin (the same concept as ScubaPro Seawing Nova, Jet Fin, Mares Extreme), that allows water to go through between your paddle and foot pocket.
So it is probably will not be a 'power fin' type that strive on max speed and power...

The Middle flexible membrane portion of the fin is made very flex that Cetatek claim that Warp1 could adapt to the impulse movement of a diver. Flexible enough that will reduce fatigue, but stiff enough to create thrust power :).

With release price around 225USD (was sell below 2 million rupiah at Deep and Extreme Expo 2013),
Warp1 surely promise a 'wow' effect for every diver who use them :).
Bright colors, red, yellow, blue and black, the outlook itself is already strikingly eye catching...

Lets hope to see more of them arround in 2013 :).

Comment from people who tried this fins :

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