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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Diving Raja Ampat #5, Friends and Moments....

To all friends from Raja Ampat trip, this page is specially dedicated to you.
I do hope that this special page would be enjoyable and memorable for all of us, please do forgive my English. This is the best I could do at this moment... :D.
Kindly share us your thoughts by writing your comments at the bottom of this page.
Just let me know if you would like to add your blog, twitter, FB, photo or any other link for all of us.

regards and enjoy.....

Thank you for Sandy from Schlumberger Jkt for 'My Island' photo shot series....
These photo were taken during surface interval before 'Kuburan' Dive Point (North of Mansuar).
We were anchoring at east Mansuar, at a lodge that is being developed. Photo taken with west Mansuar as background.
My Island #1
My Island #2
My Island #3

The Captain...
Heather from NZ
Future Sport Illustrated model
Playing beach ball, nice idea NZ girls.....

My Island #4

And this is me with 2 most famous world celebrities......
Lady Di from NZ
Celine Dion with 3 fans from Holland,
Korea and China
Heather, doggy style....
watch her 'bi type bi colour' fin. 

Our Dive Masters, Yefta n Clif
Yefta born @ Mansuar
Clif @ Wai Island.

Wai Island, Max Ammer's first island...
Me, Thea and Jun @ Wai island
Wai Island.... flat beaches, clean water, strong current !!
Perfect diving spot... a paradise of its kind...

Shall we swim ??
Raja Ampat Dive Resort...
Wai Island, facing Mansuar

Wai Island is located south to Mansuar and North to Batanta, they are closer to Sorong rather than to Waisai. The beach is awesome, flat grainy sand surrounds the island. The underwater is perfect for diving altough not in a top condition. Mild to strong current, 30 - 60deg sloped wall good for drift diving.
Fresh water well is provided in the island should you need to take a bath or rinse your equipment.
Wai Island, Max Ammer's 1st house
Wai, inland...
Fresh Water well in Wai

Wai from Max's Perspective....
Please note that we would not seen this type of beach often at Raja Ampat.
Raja Ampat islands would tipically has 'no beach', meaning steep edges all round the island...
But....fortunately relate to lots of perfect diving spot although you will rarely seen 90deg wall such in Menjangan.
Typical Raja Ampat's Island....

And of course Noni and Chen-chen from Jakarta - Jayapura.
Two Beautiful, successful business girls that are still incredibly SINGLE !!.

Noni (front, white swim suit) is interestingly could speak English, Mandarin, Javanese and also shockingly (or oddly) Banyumasan... fluently with perfect accent making her really one of a kind.
Chen-chen is calm and quite, making her misterious but friendly :)).

So guys... line up and you could ask me their mobile and email, for a cost of course.... :D.

Noni and Chen-chen... enjoying the water
Tika's Father P Djafar, Thea, Clif, P Agus, Sandy and Me
@ The Passage

Noni ! Let me know if you finish your dive course okay, lets dive Bali !!

Dinner @ Tembok (Berlin) @ Sorong, thank you P Djafar for the dinner ! You are such a wonderful host.
Tembok Berlin @ Sorong #1
Left to right : Chen, Noni, Sandy,
P Djafar, Me, Jun, Tika's sister, Thea.
Tembok Berlin @Sorong #2
Tika, standing, V fingering.

Tembok Berlin @ Sorong #3
Chen, Noni, Sandy.
Tembok Berlin @ Sorong #4

The price for 1 fish about 500gr is 30 - 50 thousand rupiah, quite ok compared to Jakarta, and a lot better compared to other food. Meat (chicken and beef) is quite expensive here, well almost all product is expensive. I certainly could not maintain my social level lifestyle @ Sorong with my salary :)).

Tika, diver wannabe
After Diving @ The Passage
Thank you Tika for the shot !

@ The Passage
Assistant Photographer with 2 cameras

Thea, 80's style...
Breakdance queen...
Two Healthy Baby... Me and Sandy...
Speechless hahahaha...

And last but not least is offcourse my lovely instructor during the Raja Ampat Trip, Thea (Theresia G S), who just won 2nd place on wide angle photo shot at Sail Banda 2010 (see Dive Discovery magazine, Sept 2010 ed). Owner of Octopus Dive Pelabuhan Ratu.

Teaching Underwater....

Next is the Narcissism Section, Narcist mode 'on' says Indonesian...
You have been warned do not blame me if you see only me, my silhouette or my profile in this section
But if you still insist... :D....
Thank You Thea and Sandy for taking care of me and take a lot of good picture for me down there.

Big Fan....
With Sand Dollar...

Thank you Thea, Sandy for taking my picture....



  1. dear rizal....
    nice pics..gpp kok ada foto kita2...nice story n thx for sharing all those happy time with us. Can't wait to dive to the under water temple...i wish i could meet u n sandy there :)


  2. jiaaahh...nulis disini dia.
    cooll....serious blogger rupanya, ga kaya orang biasa kaya aku yg memanfaatkan regular fb-tb-an.

    congrats, keep up your good works!


  3. Thank you all :D.

    see you at another reef...

    Noni... jangan lupa sertifikatnya dulu yaa...


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